Features: 1 Ultron Enail 1 Sensor chip battery 2 Titanium heating elements 10 Extra rubber fittings 1 Dab tool 1 Usb charger 1 Gift box User-friendly is an understatement when it comes to the Ultron by Yocan. With an automatic power feature no power button's required to ignite the dual coil. Simply inhale and watch as the Cap Indicator at the bottom of your battery begins to glow blue. While blue, the coil will ignite then cloudy white vapor will fill your water pipe until you've inhaled the desired dose of concentrate. The Ultron is by a wide margin the most portable E-Nail we've designed yet, in conjunction with the incredibly easy to clean chamber this E-Nail is great for experts or beginners just discovering concentrates. Also included is a universal male/female adapter for use on most standard water pipes.

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